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This software is no longer being developed, because NeoBook has ended its software development.

An iTunes utility

This Microsoft Windows application allows up to four users with individual iTunes libraries to use iTunes on one computer, without having to log out of Windows to change users.


Apple's iTunes software most easily accommodates only one iTunes profile per Windows user. Even the multi-library feature of iTunes is not convenient when multiple users wish to use iTunes without logging out of Windows to switch users. To the rescue, uniTunes easily keeps track of up to four users by maintaining a unique uniTunes profile for each user.

You may try UniTunes free of charge for 30 days.


Version 1.1.0 (09 Dec 2012)

This version works for both trial and registered versions.

Purchase a software license

Buy a UniTunes software license for $9.95.  We accept PayPal and credit cards.


Last updated on 29 April 2018.